What are Ketones?


Where do ketones come from?  They come from FAT!  There are three types of ketones your body produces: Acetone, Beta Hydroxybutyrate and Acetoacetate.  These are molecules that have a chain of carbon atoms with oxygen and hydrogen attached.  Glucose which most people are accustomed  to using for a main fuel source for our brain to function off of, is also made up of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.  Glucose is a larger molecule than ketones but made of the same elements just a different arrangement.  They both in the end turn into energy (ATP) for our bodies to use.  The carbs we eat turn into glucose which have major effects on our body, inflammation being the biggest.  In the 1800’s people consumed up to 6lbs of sugar per year whereas people now consume over 100lbs of sugar per year.  Consuming sugar (carbs) in your diet will not allow your body to produce ketones.  Now people are consuming so much sugar we are having the diabetic epidemic.

Using ketones as a fuel source starts from the beginning of our life while we are still being developed in the fetus stage.  Around the 20 week period the fetus can actually produce and use its own ketones.  For babies that are breast feed they will go into ketosis within 8 – 12 hours after birth and stay that way.  There is not much milk produced by the mom for the first few days after giving birth.  So the baby is actually living off of their fat because of this.

Ketones are the alternate fuel source for the brain.  They are produced in the liver from fat and easily cross over into the blood brain barrier and actual cause increased blood flow to the brain.  Your brain cells can very easily transition from using glucose to using ketones as a source of fuel.  Studies have shown and are documented that people with Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, Autism and Down Syndrome that there are areas in the brain that do not take up glucose normally but the up take in ketones is normal.  When glucose starts to decrease from crossing over the blood brain barrier, ketones do not.   Knowing this why wouldn’t anyone want to take the Keto//OS product especially if they cannot live the ketogenic lifestyle.  Anyone can benefit from the keto lifestyle from kids to professional athletes. If you don’t want to live the lifestyle you can consume the Keto//OS supplement and rep the benefits of ketones in your body without producing your own.  Are your own ketones that your body produce better?  Absolutely!  Is it realistic for you to live the keto lifestyle to where you make your own ketones?  Well that is your choice as an individual.  I believe the health benefits that come from ketones are enough to live the lifestyle and still supplement it with exogenous ketones.

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